Pete Green-Astrologer

Pete Green, Astrologer

I have been a full time professional astrologer since 1974, and during that time I have given literally thousands of readings. Most clients have a few readings over a short period of time, and then don’t need any further guidance. So I have no idea how their lives have changed. But when people have got back in touch, it has always been to say how accurate I have been -even to the extent of being sometimes able to predict events many years into the future.

During my long career I have worked on Psychic Fayres, been featured in the press, taken part in many television broadcasts etc. etc. For the last few years I have mainly worked from my own home, using the telephone to give astrological readings. So all you have to do now is to phone me!

My usual hours are 1-3.30pm & 7-10pm (UK time) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Also 7.00-10pm on Mondays and Fridays. At all other times, or if I am not personally available that day, you can always speak to another member of my expert team of experienced Astrologers, Psychics and Mediums.

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