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My A levels are all in
the sciences, and I then went on to studyZoology, Botany, Geology and Archaeology at Manchester University.
I consider myself a rational scientist -and as such I should reject Astrology as a mediaeval superstition.
If you, like me, arefascinated by Astrology then you might be interested in reading my thoughts on Pluto...


In 1970 I found myself alone and “between jobs”, and the magazine “Man, Myth and Magic” was being published. I have always been fascinated by religion and the supernatural -so I subscribed.

One of the earliest articles was “Astrology” and the magazine included a free toolkit for performing the basic calculations, and as an arrogant young scientist I decided that I would use my time to totally disprove this nonsense and by doing so finally relieve mankind of a superstitious plague -and hopefully gain fame and fortune.

However, it didn’t quite work out that way. The more I studied the subject the more I realised that there in fact was a great deal of truth in it. Not of course in the popular, “Sun Sign” rubbish that you read in the papers, but in the full accurate version which takes all you birth details and makes calculations based on all the planets. I started by doing readings for my friends -and it just grew from there.

For the first 19 years of this career I lived and worked in Norwich, bringing up my kids and giving private consultations and also teaching Astrology and Tarot as an Adult Education tutor. Then following a messy divorce I spent several years “on the road” travelling and working on Psychic Fayres throughout the U.K.

So why did I stop?

Not because that I was disillusioned with astrology -quite the reverse.

Firstly, there is a phenomena known as the “Cassandra Effect”. Cassandra was an Ancient Greek prophetess who was granted the gift of totally accurate prediction. Together with the curse that none of her prophesies would be believed.

Secondly, many clients simply want you to tell them what they want to hear, and get upset if you tell the truth.

Thirdly, I am afraid there are fare too many charlatans in the field -and I didn’t want to be associated with them

Fourthly too many Psychic Fayre organisers were far more interested in making profits for themselves than supporting their readers.

And fifthly the growth of telephone companies and on-line readings had made travelling Psychic Fayres redundant.

Also by this point a new relationship, and regular work with re-enactments as a Historic Trader were now more important.

Having said that I did take on a large amount of telephone work myself with the Psychic Circle -and as you may have noticed I still promote that organisation, so why not also visit my Psychic World site?